Private Art Lessons

meCertified Single Subject Teacher specializing in Art.

I am located in Bakersfield, CA. I teach out of my home and I offer private art lessons for all skill levels. I will make house visits for larger groups within Bakersfield for an extra fee.

During this time of Social distancing- Remote lessons are available.

  • In person Private Lessons – $20 per hour
  • Groups of 2 or more $15 per student per hour
  • Remote Art Lessons $15 per hour
  • Block lessons of 6 or more weeks a discount of $2 a lesson will be applied.

For age 11 – to Adults

Drawing  – graphite, charcoal, ink, color pencil, pastel and oil pastel  

Painting – watercolor, acrylic and tempera.

(oil Painting only for older students).

Lessons include:

-Fundamentals of drawing      -Perspective                -Collage                -Paper Mache’

-Design                                         -Composition              -Painting              -Portraits

-Color Theory                              -Landscapes

I also include Art History in each lesson because I believe it is all connected and important to enhancing the art experience.

My passion is to enable a student to create and produce art. I love the look on their face when they produce something that they are proud of. I call it the aha moment.

  • Students are responsible for a Sketchbook (30 – 50 pages).
  • Each in-person student will create a portfolio. This makes it easier to  identify and they will be taking it home to practice techniques.
    • Project and Specialized materials will be supplied by me, the teacher.
  • For Remote lessons, I will supply a list of materials to be purchased by the student a head of time.

For Home schooled students – printout of grade is available if needed.

* Each student must bring sketchbook to each lesson. Practice drawings and theory will kept for each project.

Please contact me at


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