Private Art Lessons

Dawn Grider/Inspirations; by Dawn

Certified Single Subject Teacher specializing in Art

Ages 9-18

I am located in Bakersfield, CA near the cross streets of Linden and Acacia and I teach out of my home. I offer private and group art lessons for all skill levels. I will make house visits for groups of two or more.

At this time of social distancing, Remote/Virtual Lessons are available. Also, if you cannot travel to in-person lessons due to distance, illness or any other circumstances, remote/virtual lessons might be a good choice for you and your child. 

In Person Lesson Pricing

  • In person Private Lessons – 1 hour – $20

    • Groups of 2 or more – $15 per student

    • Group lessons of 5 or more – $10 per student

    • Block Lessons of 6 or more weeks, a discount will be applied.

Remote Lesson Pricing

  • Single student- 1 hour – $15

  • 2 or more students – 1 hour – $12 per student

Lessons and Techniques

Lessons will be chosen according to age/skill level of each student or group.

  • Drawing – Graphite, Charcoal, Colored Pencils, Dry and Oil Pastel and Ink Pen

      • Drawing, shading, line quality and composition techniques are taught
  • Painting – Watercolor, Acrylic, Ink and Multimedia

      • Color theory is taught along with different painting techniques
  • Design Elements and Principles will be applied to each lesson to deepen the art experience.Elements & Principles of Design | A Photo Teacher

My goal as an art teacher is;

  • to enable and empower students to create and produce art using foundational drawing and painting techniques.

  • to guide them in developing his or her own style while learning techniques, mediums, style, and tools.

  • to help each student understand the role of art in life, culture and the world around them through discussing art history and jobs relate to art.

  • to teach them to explore and to enjoy the process and journey of creating because it helps develop creativity, problem solving and confidence.

Students are responsible for the following materials.

  • Sketchbook 9” x 12” (I recommend a mixed media sketch pad)

  • pencils #2 and a graphite pencil set H, HB, B, 2B, 4B 

  • erasers -Staedtler or a generic white eraser is best

  • colored pencils -Crayola, Faber Castel or Arteza

  • crayons (fun things can be created with crayons)

  • colored markers -Crayola is a good marker, but any brand will do

  • ink pens-Paper Mate or Sharpie Fine point or Pen.

Specialized materials specific to certain projects will be supplied

by me.

Please contact me at

Instagram dag_art_able

Please contact me at


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