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20180501_150214-1 Ampelos.  Acrylic on Worm Wood   13″ x 32″ $400

Ampellos Acrylic on worm wood



img_20190105_100943_615Come. Stay a While   Acrylic on Work Wood   16″ x 14″ $325

Come. Stay a While Acrylic on Worm Wood


Pink Lily
SOLD Pink Lily  Acrylic on Worm Wood 8″ x 21″
Red Tulip
Red Poppy-Acrylic on wood 10″ x 10″ $225

Red Poppy – Acrylic on Wood


IMG_0886 copy
Winter Locust Tree- Oil on Canvas 12″ x 24″ $300

Winter Locust Tree-Oil on Canvas


supermoon Super Moon Oil on Canvas 16″ x 18″ $325

Super Moon – Oil on Canvas


Rhythm and Hues
Rhythm and Hues Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″
Summer Memories
Summer Memories SOLD
At the Foot of the Cross
At the Foot of the Cross – SOLD
Birch Seasons
SOLD      Birch Trees Acrylic on Canvas 32″x 32″
Tulips in the Sun
Tulips in the Sun – SOLD
Tulips – Ink and Watercolor  SOLD
Stand Alone
Stand Alone       Oil on Canvas 24″ x 30″   $650

Stand Alone – Oil on Canvas


Playful Sunrise
Playful Sunrise    Oil on Canvas    34” x 30”  Not for Sale
Scottish Lake
SOLD Scottish Lake
Reflection Sunset
Reflection Sunset $60

Reflection Sunset-Watercolor and Pastel


Ready to Sail
SOLD Ready to Sail      Oil on Canvas    30” x 32”
Pine Sunrise     Oil on Canvas   24” x 30” $475

Pine Sunrise-Oil on Canvas


Falling Leaves   Acrylic Ink
SOLD Driftwood
But if I Go
But if I Go – SOLD
Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage – NOT FOR SALE
Rainbow Sky
Rainbow Sky $60

Rainbow Sky-Acrylic Ink and Watercolor


Koi Dreams
Koi Dreams -SOLD

Strole to the BeachSold

3 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Love the paintings especially “Stand Alone”. The movement along with the tranquility makes it my favorite. Where do you get your ideas from?

    1. I am inspired by nature and how it mimics our lives. There are so many truths in how nature functions. A tree communicates volumes that emulates a human life; how productive the person is, the strength of that person, how rooted they are in his or her beliefs and traditions and what kind of character he or she has.

  2. Love your work. Keep keeping on, life is better with an artfull eye like yours. xxoo

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