7 thoughts on “rooted in the stream

  1. Wow !!! this is amazingly beautiful !!

  2. How could I use this for a Sermon I am giving on What it takes to bear fruit in my small group.

  3. Thom,
    I am honored that you want to use my illustration as a visual for your small group. God gave this to me a few years ago. I believe he wanted me to understand the heart (our soul) being rooted in the living water and the strength that comes from relying on God. Being rooted in his word, his guidance, his strength is a constant state we need to be in to bear fruit. Without a direct connection to God, we will not bear fruit. He is the source of everything: hope, peace, strength, needs, joy, etc. Jer. 17: 8 and Psalm 1:2-3 is the reference scripture I posted with the picture.

    Dawn Grider

  4. There have been many viewings of my drawing in the past few weeks. I hope it has been a inspiration to seek God and to let his love, his word, his mercy, his joy, and his strength be the source of your strength.

  5. this is beautiful. I want to look at it every day to remind me ….do you sell prints?

  6. Thank you Haela. I just published a book that includes this drawing. Go to the top of my page and there is a link on the far right- Sermon Illustrations. The book is selling for $12.50 on Lulu.
    I have thought about making prints, but have not done that, yet.

    God’s blessings and strength.


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